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(€) 45000,  Nessebar,  Bulgaria
(€) 163000,  Saint-Médard-la-Rochette,  France
(€) 258000,  Fuente Nueva,  Spain
Scenery in Sweden
If you’re planning to buy a house in Sweden, then it is useful to have a compact dictionary with all kinds of everyday real estate terms. That is why I have compiled a glossary of more than 500 Swedish words and their English translation.
Dorp op het Franse platteland
We think that finding a house in France can be done better. That’s why moimmo does not work with compelling contracts, exclusivity or bons de visites. Because your interests are paramount. Not ours. Together with you, we determine how your home should look and where it should stand. The information you receive from us is recent and comprehensive. And if we found something together, we can help you with the purchase. Always at low cost or even for free.
Life belt swimming pool
Nice, a swimming pool in the garden! There are a few measures you can take to keep swimming safe for your children. These also apply in case your neighbors or friends have a swimming pool in the garden, or for a swimming pool near your holiday home or hotel.
DIY home renovation
Investing in a house costs money, but can also yield a lot. The majority of consumers like to buy a house that is finished. The right conversion or renovation can bring a lot of benefits to homeowners. Read here five valuable tips for future or current homeowners. These tips increase the added value of a house.
Eating Rome
Looking for Lazio and Rome Cookbooks? On this page you will find an overview of the latest books on the cuisine of Lazio and Rome. Sorted by publication date.