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Buying and renovating a second home in Sicily requires careful planning. Choose a bilingual contractor with local expertise and ensure they're registered with Italian professional bodies. Consider a project manager to oversee progress. Prepare for cultural differences and draft a detailed contract covering all project aspects.
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Renovating a historic Sicilian village house requires navigating complex permits. Essential steps involve securing building, heritage, and environmental approvals. Start early, hire local experts, and remain flexible to manage bureaucratic challenges and preserve the property's cultural value.
House in Normandy
Our comprehensive guide is the perfect companion if you are considering moving to France or are already living there. Learn all about buying a house, mastering the French language, finding a job, experiencing the culture and discovering tourist attractions. With this guide, you'll have all the information you need to live successfully in France. Read on now to discover it all!
Village in the French Elsas
France enacts a groundbreaking law to protect the sounds and smells of rural life from complaints by newcomers, or "néoruraux." This move aims to preserve French countryside culture, ensuring harmony between long-standing residents and those attracted to rural charms. The legislation marks a significant step in valuing and safeguarding France's rural heritage.
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France's water supply faces challenges due to reduced rainfall, urbanization, and pesticide use. A third of citizens receive substandard tap water, yet the government lacks a long-term plan. Sustainable practices and public awareness are crucial for resolution.